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A Day Tomorrow
A Day Tomorrow

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16 December, 2017 | Saturday

It was around 8:20 in the morning when I finally woke up. The bright sunlight was more than enough to wake me up from my deep sleep.I was still lying in my bed. It was a Saturday morning and a holiday from my tedious work.

My life has become very boring lately, doing the same thing again and again just to be a little more rich. I wanted to get up but the cold morning and warm blanket wanted something else.

I started thinking about my whole life. About how different it would have been if had taken some different decisions. I always had the craze for astronomy, I wanted to know all about it. I never missed any show on it. The stars, planets, galaxies, they always fascinated me. I wondered how much fun it would have been if I had been an astrophysicist. But I hated to study. that’s why I didn’t go for higher studies and now here I was doing a job I didn’t even like.

Avoiding the comfort of the blanket I finally got up. Sliding the curtains I let the sunshine inside, the light was blinding but the warmth was soothing.I went to the main door and got the milk and newspaper.I went to the bathroom, did my business and then brushed my teeth. My eyes were still sleepy, though I woke up late, my hair was messy and I had a messed up face. I shaved then had a bath.The bath in winter are always refreshing, every time after a bath I always feel positive no matter how troubled my life had been. I quickly made the breakfast and finally could get some food for my stomach while I read the newspaper.

The rest of the day went quickly with all the television, net surfing, doing laundry. It was around 5 when I decided to go for a walk in a nearby park. It wasn’t a part of my daily routine but I was really bored today. I thought some fresh air, maybe, could change my mood.

And there I was, sitting in the bench all alone, while the couples around me chatted and laughed. Now I realized why I never came to the park. I regretted all my decisions when it came to female companionship. There were a lot of girls that came in my life and left but, I never had the courage to ask any one out. And the one that showed interest were never good enough for me. Akriti, I wish I had gone to that party maybe things would have been different today. It was getting dark now so I headed back to my apartment. I purchased dinner on the way so I didn’t have to cook. I was feeling too depressed to do anything now.

After having dinner and spending the rest of the time on the television I went to my bedroom. Went inside the warmth of the blanket. I wish my life could be different, something more exciting. I longed for emotional support at the times like this. But I was all alone in my apartment, like I was for past two years. The loneliness killed me, I wished I could talk to someone maybe that could lighten my heart. And with a pain in my heart I tried to sleep and sleep.

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