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The Power of Inspiration

The Power of Inspiration

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"Inspiration”, a word that has an animating effect upon one’s mind and emotions. The word which changed the lives of many. I never knew the power of this ineffable word until……

The day when my life took a turn is still crisp in my mind…I was in 9th grade and my English teacher asked me to start building reading as a hobby. She said, “Reading books will give you a place to go when you have to stay where you are!”.I didn’t comprehend what she meant and what was she trying to say.I gave it a thought for two days but couldn’t sum up with anything.So at last, I went to her and asked her about what she meant when she had said that, She looked at me for a second and gave a smile and said, “Why don’t you try it on your own and start reading a book?”. I considered it and finally started reading a fantasy literature titled “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone” which was written by J.K Rowling.

At first, I felt that it was boredom but as I turned down the pages I understood the joys of reading. I entered into a magical world that sparkled my imagination, my creativity and inspired my dreams and aspirations which were incomplete before. I now understood what my teacher meant when she asked me to built reading as a hobby..

Days past I read each and every book of the Harry Potter’s series. I took reading not just as a hobby but also as my lifestyle. Asking me if I liked reading was like asking if I was breathing! For me, a room without a book was like a body without a soul! As a wise man once said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies but the man who doesn’t read lives only one”.

After reading all of the books in the series, I take J.K Rowling as my inspiration. After all, her books have made me rekindle the world’s love for not only reading but also writing. I felt inspired by her way of writing. I admire her creativity. She sees the world in a completely different manner.

Talking about her influence as my inspiration, her quote “It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us” inspired me to write a book. I titled it “Live life your own way”. It was all about seeking inspiration and living your life in your way and the life which is not dominated by anyone. I began writing this book with no idea about what will be its end. But as rightly said by a wise man, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. While writing this book, I understood the art of writing. It was a very pleasant and profitable pursuit. I learned this art of writing by reading. The reading habit has enriched my vocabulary; it showed me the many different ways in which ideas and emotions could be fitted into appropriate words!

 While writing I kept in my mind what J.K Rowling told me through one of her books that “Writing for me is a kind of compulsion, so I don't think anyone could have made me do it, or prevented me from doing it.” I also considered the following points:

1)To read more and more books.

2)Keep the habit of going into “the mighty world of eye and ear” and observe it keenly and perceive it, experience it and store it up in my memories.

3)To put things felt or seen into proper words.

4)Keep clear thinking, clear expression and clear understanding.

5)Include simplicity, clarity and euphony(sweetness of sound) in the story.

These points however helped me write the story in an interesting manner. At first, I did feel that completing the book would be impossible but I didn’t give up. One week to one month to one year, it was a difficult and a long path with lots of obstacles but at the end “All that starts well ends well.”At a certain point of time, I felt failure but as a wise man once told, “ Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come.” I kept on trying believing that my day is not far. I realized that each and every writer faces a lot of difficulties while writing a perfect story that the readers admire.

J.K Rowling first, couldn’t afford to pay the rent and care for her daughter but now, she is one of the richest women in England. She struggled through tough times in her life, including depression and the death of her mother,who sadly never got a chance about hearing the success of her daughter. She however, fought from all of this proving that we should never give up in finding happiness in life.

Keeping every bit of this in my mind, spending drops of sweat, giving my heart and soul to it, and toiling and moiling, I finally completed writing this book. I still remember those days, those memories are still fresh, I felt like I was the happiest person in this world. I went to the publisher and asked him whether he could publish this book written by me. At first he stood still and asked me, “What’s your age dear?”. I replied, “fourteen”. The publisher got astonished, he smiled and said, “Kids in your age normally prefer spending their time playing video games or watching T.V but I am glad that you are different, I appreciate your efforts and will let you know whether it can be published or not after reading the book.” I thanked him and returned home ecstatically. As Nelson Mandela rightly said, “It always seems impossible, unless it’s done”. I was very curious about whether my book could win hearts of ones across the world like J.K Rowling’s books did or not!

A week past and there was no word from the publisher I had talked to. I no longer worried about my book. I was just fortunate that I crossed the hurdles and wrote the whole book and didn’t quit in middle. Just the next day, I had been to school when a ring came in my dad’s phone the voice on the phone said, “Congratulations, Dr.Harde, after reading the whole book written by your daughter, I am glad and feel that it can be definitely published”.My dad got shocked and said, “Are you sure it’s my daughter, she didn’t tell me about it?”. The voice said, “Yeah, it’s your daughter. A week ago she came to me with a book and asked whether that book could me published, and now, I do feel that this book needs to published”.My dad was so happy and proud he said, “Thank you” and kept the phone. Later, in the afternoon, when I came from my school, he grabbed me and said, “I am proud of you”. I felt a trifle strange and asked him about what he was talking about. He explained everything to me, I felt like I was in seventh heaven. I was happy as a clam. I however give the credit to J.K Rowling my inspiration.

Next morning, I met the publisher and thanked him for deciding to publish by book. He smiled and said that he would arrange the book launch the next weekend. I felt like I got wings. I thanked him once again and went home and told everyone about it. Everyone were proud and cheering for me. Six days passed the day of book launch came. Time flies doesn’t it?. I remember that day very well. My family, the publisher and I reached the venue. The place was adorned with lights and flowers. There was a huge stage with a chair, many photographers and people gathered for me.I went to the stage sat in the beautifully decorated chair, welcomed everyone and started reading the book. Hours past, I now, completed reading the book. I told everyone about my inspiration and thanked everyone for being keen listeners. Everyone appreciated me a lot gave me a huge round of applause with a standing ovation. All the photographers were clicking pictures continuously.The feeling that I had that time is ineffable.

At the end, life is just about joining dots of life. At first, I didn’t use to read books but I developed it as a hobby and found it interesting. Later, I took J.K Rowling as my inspiration and started to write a book, crossing all the hurdles I completed writing the book and got it launched successfully. Each one of us have a destiny which is given to us by God. We just need an inspiration which takes us to our destiny. No matter what grabs you down, find a way and climb up the ladder of success. I do hope that story of mine, would inspire other teens like me across the globe, to follow their heart. I just want to inspire people.I want someone to look at me and say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up”. Your dreams are your life’s purpose don’t give up!

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