Something Good In Everything

Something Good In Everything

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It reads 8.45 on my cell phone. I call out to my daughter, “Let’s leave". She has a board exam today. We pick up a friend of hers and quickly head off in my SUV. There isn’t much traffic and we reach well in time. After saying the usual 'bye byes' and 'all the bests', I turn right instead of taking a U turn; hoping that the parallel road will connect me to the usual one I take all the time. After about five minutes, I'm not so sure anymore so I keep driving. The road curves left and right and keeps going and so do I. 

Suddenly my vigilant eyes spot a dog on a leash being dragged along a motor cycle by the pillion rider. They turn left and without a moment's hesitation, I follow them. Grabbing a chance, I manage to find a place alongside and blow the car horn. I stop them, roll down my window and call out, not rudely but firmly. “Why are you dragging the poor thing along and choking him? Why can't you make him sit with you on your bike? Can't you see his distress? Where are you taking him"? The men are stunned and even look a little abashed and guilty. The rider takes no time in splitting, leaving his friend stranded on the road. He mumbles a few incoherent words and promises to walk the dog gently to his destination. Content, I reverse and am on my way again. After about ten minutes I have to confess that I am completely disorientated and hopelessly lost. I keep driving; left, right, left, left - and suddenly finds myself at a crossroad. A signboard reads left as Noida and right as Chilla Sports Complex. I don't want to go to Noida! So I turn right and left and behold! I find myself exactly at the same spot where I had dropped off the girls. Thrilled to be back on track, I smile and head home taking the usual and familiar route. 

Two things that I have always believed in have proved to be right today. First, that the Earth is Round. Second, that there is always Something Good in Everything, even if it happens to be bad. I believe I took a wrong turn because somehow, somewhere a dog needed me. 

I thank God for pushing me in the wrong direction so that I could follow the Right Path - His Path – The path of Love and Compassion.

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