Who'S The Lady?

Who'S The Lady?

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I woke up with a jolt. I normally do that these days. I looked at the time it was 8:30 AM. I should really stop watching movies till late night. I always plan to reach office early on Friday so that I can wind up early and go to my home town, Mysore. But I always end up reaching late and running to catch the train.

Somehow, I managed to leave my room by 9:15 AM after having a light breakfast. I normally walk by the longer route which takes me through a park of Koramangla. They really know how to maintain those -- neatly planned and executed, morning joggers and walkers hustling around. But that day, I didn’t have that luxury. I needed to run and reach soon. I had a huge bag packed that made running even more difficult. My friends would say take an Auto. I was really not in the mood to argue over the fares early in the morning. So, I started walking.

                I had always wondered looking at the well-built houses in that place. They must have worked really hard to earn that kind of money or their father, at least. Luck is also a factor. But hey, who was I to judge?

While looking at those houses I saw a 70 something, probably more than 70, old lady waving at me. I am always hesitant to talk to people. I avoid them mostly. But there was a kind of helplessness in that lady’s face. So I crossed the road.

I asked, “What is it?”

“Sir, I am a heart patient. There is no one in the house. I need Rs.50 for my medicine. Can you please give me?” She showed me her prescription. Oddly enough, she was still sitting in the chair on the front porch.

I normally don’t give money. I looked at the house. All windows were closed. The house had two floors. I could see the dust settled on the gates as well as the stairs that went to the first floor.

“Is there someone I can call? Do you have any number?” I asked to make sure she was not cheating me.

“No Sir, my son is in the US. I live here alone. I have to wait until my daughter comes from Pune. She has left today morning.”

“Great way to take care of your mother, rich kids!” I thought. I really didn’t have the time to check the details. I was already late. I really couldn’t afford to hear a long explanation of whatever she had planned to give me. I had to finish working on that module soon. Else it would be difficult to get off early.

“OK Fine. Take it.” I found Rs.50, which was surprising, in my wallet. I never get 50-rupee notes whenever I have to give to an auto guy. So much for luck...

I offered her the money expecting her to get off from the chair and take it.

“It’s ok Sir. You just throw this way. I will pick it up,” she said, shivering.

I never throw the money. It’s bad luck. I have been taught it is bad luck by my elders. I really didn’t want to enter inside and get into a long talk with her. She might even ask me to get the medicines as well. So I thought it better to throw and run. So I did.

I did not run. But I was cursing myself for getting into situations like this. Who knew what that lady would do with the money? Buy drugs, buy sleeping pills and kill herself. STOP IT - My brain said. I stopped and started thinking about my work. Once I got off from my office, I travelled to my home town and the weekend was pretty much eventless.


Monday morning. Contrary to what the popular belief is I am always fresh on Mondays. May be because I travel back from Mysore to Bangalore and sleep as early as I can on Sunday nights. I assume so.

While walking, I recalled the house and my Rs.50. I thought I really should check if that lady’s daughter had come. May be I’d get to see her. So I went towards the house, not very close though as I didn’t want to give away more money. The house looked calm. Nobody inside or out. Like someone had died. 

The lady was gone. Phew, I was relieved. But I went on thinking about what might have happened to her.


Meanwhile, the neighbor of the lady’s house picked up the paper and shouted out at his wife.

“Hey look that lady’s death has made it to the papers.”


The report read:

A 72-year old lady was found dead in her residential house in Koramangla. Initial reports says that a street cleaning lady found her on Saturday morning when she went to pick up Rs.50 inside the compound. The cleaning lady wanted to confirm that no one stayed in the building so she tried to look inside the house through the window and found the dead body in a pool of blood lying on the floor. Police in charge of the case said that the house was locked from the inside, so no forced entry - ruling out robbery. The old lady must have tripped and fell from the stairs inside the house. Preliminary report suggest that she had been dead for more than 3 weeks. Since her son and daughter don’t stay with her, police have been trying to contact them and any of the known relatives. If you have any information regarding any close relatives please contact below numbers.

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