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Empty Souls
Empty Souls

© Nishtha Gupta


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The world is not an easy place to live in. Each new day brings us new challenges… The society is another thing to deal with; as if those hardships alone weren’t enough.

Living in this society freely and independently has become a thing of remote past. With each new day coming, I think of new ways for how to survive. But sometimes, when I’m alone, thinking deeply about every aspect around me, I somehow manage to conclude my wandering thoughts to a stop- dying!

Anyway all of us are dying every single day… We are all leading a life full of vanity. Nobody in this world is living a real life. We are scared of what the society will think of us! We are scared to face the hurdles! We are scared of the repercussions! We are scared to take risks! All our life, we are scared!

The life has always been like those ghosts in some super haunted movies; and we like kids in it, have been haunted by them! Being a scaredy-cat makes our souls empty… What we need is some wild rush, love and the ‘risk-everything’ attitude to be alive… again!

People lack good mirrors. It’s so hard for anyone to show us how we look, and so hard for us to show anyone how we feel. It’s a very beautiful but a byzantine thought. We do not live for others… we live for ourselves. We are the ones who have to later live with the life we’ve chosen. Don’t become a part of the crowd. Illuminate the world with your sparkle, that is what would make you different!

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