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Lubna Fatima - Love At First Standard
Lubna Fatima - Love At First Standard

© Ashish Sah

Inspirational Romance

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Kecha laga iskool, meko to ganda laga”- a childish voice attracts me towards a girl in school uniform, nicely combed hair, with hair pins.

I am in first standard, of St. Paul’s School, Rampur and she is the new comer in class, talking with another girl, a new comer. There are no tradition in our class to go and ask the names of girls, and above all I am so shy by nature. The only way for me to know the name of girl is to listen the roll call, and on the name where she replied is her name.

In the dash of listening her name I forget to answer my roll call, then comes her name “LUBNA”- ma’m said.

 She stands, and with a cute smile answers “yes ma’m”.

Her eyes are like that of a Bengali lady, big and bright. Skin is as white as milk.

After I know that her name is Lubna, song ‘pehla Nasha, Pehla khumar…’ started playing in my mind…thanks’ to director of “jo jeeta wohi sikander” otherwise I would have had to make song for the situation.

That day passes only by watching ‘LUBNA-the sensational little new girl’…no intro that day, because hero never takes or give introduction on the first day.

Next day, in Morning Prayer I stand just behind Lubna…she is standing there with two pony tails and a hanky on her shirt. Now the time comes to introduce myself, “hello, tumala English ki copy ka kaam pura hai kya?”-I asked

“Ni to, main to kal hi aayi hun. Tumala pura hai kya?”- She told me innocently.

And that I want, I said “haan, tume chaiye kya?”

Expected answer comes from other side- “de do na, please…main kal le aaungi”.

“pakka na, walna maam malegi…ki copy kyu ni laaye”- I told her.

Then the talks started in between us, we both share smiles in class. And in lunch I help her in opening her round steel tiffin…we eat together.

As she is muslim, and I am hindu…but there is no knowledge of communalism, we both don’t know what type of wall is in between our community or religion? Slowly and slowly we become such good friends.

Then comes the day of parents teacher meeting, my dad comes to my school...And ask my class teacher to make me sit with girls as with boys I’m becoming disobedient….that makes my wish come true.

I thank god…and from the very next day, I was sitting with Lubna and the fatty Gurpreet. We both made a separate group and boycotted Gurpreet. Now our friendship getting stronger and stronger, day by day. The boy who never asks for money at home, one day asks for fifty paise. My mom gave to me and asks what the need is? I was not in a mood to tell about it.

That day, when I reach school….I found that Lubna was absent. Whole plan went into vain. I was very upset and angry too…that day I feel, the school hours longer than other days. With heavy heart I returned back to home, in rickshaw also I didn’t talk   to anyone. When I reached home, mom asked that “what u have dove with the 50ps.”

“kuch ni, mujhe kuch accha ni lag ra”- I said

“so ja, thak gaya hoga na”- concerned answer from mom comes.

Next day, as I reached class…I saw Lubna, sitting with a hanky on her hand, sneezing. I was very happy, but to show my anger I went near her and said-“kal kyu ni aaye”

“meli na tabiyat kharab ho gi thi, ammi ne kaha mat jao Lubna”-she said full of innocence.

“malum hai, kal main akela tha, bilkul accha ni laga”- I again shouted.

“Tabhi to aaj aayi, mujhe bhi kal accha ni laga, warna meri tabiyat abhi bhi kharab hai”- she explained but this time in a loud voice.

In Great love stories, arguments don’t take long time.

Today is the day, to date my childhood love. In last period. I asked her,

“Do you like Guava’s?”

“Ya…very much”- she replied excitedly.

As the last bell rang, we both run towards the School gate, that day we were the first to come out of the school gate. If it had been the Olympic race, we would have won the Gold medal for India. Then we went to pheriwala (hawker), who is selling guavas and ask him for guava. He gave us two small guavas in my 50ps.

She ate the whole guava in less than one minute. Then after saying thanks’ she moved towards her rickshaw. That day I was so happy, and going on singing romantic songs (sorry for the wrong lyrics, but I rhymed rightly) in my rickshaw. When I reached home, my rickshaw wala told mom that

“Ashish, to bade hokar Amitabh banenge”

That day mom thought that, maybe I will get name and fame like Amitabh. But Now she came to know that it’s only the height of Amitabh bacchan, which I get.

We both help each other in exams, not by combined study, but by combined cheating. One thing I hate in her is her writing. I bet no one in this world, is able to decode her cipher text (secret writing type) in which she writes.

Time was passing like a Superfast train for e.g. Rajdhani passes from a small village station. In the starting of Winter vacations, we both exchanged handmade New Year cards…but there is only Ashish & Lubna is written on the To & From portion of both the cards. We are both too selfish, that in wishing each other we won’t add our family members name in it.

Then comes Final exam, we both scored good marks….I got first rank in class and she’s on her best performance and get 4th rank. That day we both met with each other’s family. Everyone is congratulating my mom & dad for me, and I was doing something else. Her father is in Saudi Arab, and she is living with her mom in her maternal house here in Rampur.

In the starting of 2nd class, we both again sit together without asking anyone…as it’s our birthright now to sit together. Again the same schedule started as it was in 1st class. In May, we had our Summer Break of two months. I don’t know, that at a age of 6-7yrs any child can be so sentimental like both of us.

 She told me that “I am going to Lucknow, my paternal home for summer holidays”.

“Ok…take care, and join school on the same day when school reopens”- I instruct strictly.

“ya, I’ll….But you also come. Otherwise, I’ll not talk you”- she sheepishly said.

After Summer Vacations…

It’s Long time; since I had seen Lubna…the day comes when we are going to meet and share our holiday experiences.

As I stepped into class, I saw Lubna was sitting quietly on her seat with black color goggles. As I reached near her, she smiled softly and passes “Hi”.

In return I also said “hi”...

 “Why are you wearing these goggles”- I said in a fun making voice

“Nothing, without this, it does not look good” – she said softly

“What is not looking good”- I screamed

 “My eyes”- she again said

“EYES….Why???” – I got confused “What happens to your eyes”

She removes her goggles, and the most dreadful thing is in front of my eyes…her right eyeball comes out about half centimeter, and it looks horrible. I request her to put on her goggles. That day, I was so tensed that am not getting what is happening around? I was not in a condition to ask anything, that how all this happen?

Next day, one of our teachers asked her that “Lubna, what happened dear”

“Mam, I met with an accident on my way back to Rampur from Lucknow.”- And she started crying.

I still love her, but the incident made her serious. Now she is not as jolly as before. I continuously tried my best to make smile & happy.

The problem then started, when children started to tease her and makes fun of her…. & she cried. Every time she cried, I feel very bad & sometimes my tears also rolled out of my eyes. Slowly-n-slowly the teasing becomes worse.

 Now the day had come when this great love story came to an end. Lubna is going to Kuwait with his Abba (father), for her as well as for me, it’s a tough moment to be separated. But no reason is left to make her stop, as everything is against her. I want to keep in touch with her but there were no contacts details available.



A Love story ends without any result, but because of god……


Love ; Romance ; Real Story ; Tragedy

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