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India's strength-Technology
India's strength-Technology

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Technology is a word that comes from Greek word 'technere' meaning art,skill and creative.

Technology believes in new updates according to generation of our nation - such as social media, industry, and society.

A questions arises, could you live without technology? 

And the answer given by some successful people depends on person to person because few people like to create new innovations and some people are moving around technologies to update themselves and start following so that they move according to time or environment.

Importance of technology is education, industries, societies, vice versa.

Now, according to new generation, by birth, kids start using android phones,laptops and iPad and playing games to have skill. When their age increases, their mind also grows sharp so that parents also help their kids to play games or study.

So paperless and digital India launch by our prime minister Narendra modiji, trying to convey tostop wasting too much paper and start business in e commerce or that in every shop there must be electronic bills sent to customer in mail or in message format. It takes less time to do anything and any work like paying bills, searching for clothes to buy online etc.

At the end I want to conclude that technology is important in our daily life and we thank engineers because of whom we live safe and secure life.


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