Questions Of A Broken Heart

Questions Of A Broken Heart

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What resentment is it to love someone deep and then get the shock of your life that the foundation of the relationship was LIES?

What a disappointment is it to have high regard for the person you love, and suddenly one day, a bomb explodes that he was not even an inch close of what you THOUGHT of him?

What a loser you have made of yourself when it has just dawned on you that there is no place for love, instead sex resides in his heart, and you were USED physically and emotionally?

What grief is it to realize that you have lost the ability to love, and that you are emotionally DRAINED and SQUEEZED to the last tear?

What emptiness engulfs you, which you cannot even explain for being true to the man whom you thought loved you with the same intensity, but in exchange of your affections, your heart is RIPPED off mercilessly?

What brokenness is, you understand for the first time, you have heard it all the time, it was all there around you, but did not know what it is, now you experience, and you worry that it will never LEAVE you?

What treatment, therapy or counselling sessions will again make you the person you were before you were this hurt, and will you ever HEAL?

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