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© Snehal Rawal

Children Fantasy

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It was Thursday and Moretha was going to put her alarm and sleep for night and wake up early in the morning for the school tomorrow. She studies in `Maradian Scholar Academy ‘. It’s a co-ed school. It is 15km away from her house. Moretha is a beautiful girl with shiny blue eyes, puffed chin. She is really a sweet girl she loves studying.

It was 8`o clock on a Friday and it was the last day of the academy. She didn’t want to even miss a single moment. She woke up, took a bath, brushed her teeth and combed her hair on the way to the breakfast table. Mary,Heldi,Elena and Vivien were waiting for her. And they were followed by Klio and Swizer from their bus stop. The bus moved and the game of Holly Wood started but Moretha and other friends were not playing. It was because her brother Marky would go and tell this to her mother. She would then scold Moretha - watching or following a celebrity was not acceptable in their family.

They reached the school and entered the gate with a nervous feeling, although she had studied for the Geography exam. They wished each other luck and entered the exam hall with Swizer and Vivien. The exam started at 10 o’clock and would get over by 11:30am.

She wrote well in her exam. As she walked out of her classroom, Rayan a classmate of hers, inquired about a difficult question and she happily helped him. As usual, he had written the wrong answer. But her brother Marky saw this and told their mother that she was talking to a boy. In their house, a girl talking to a boy was wrong but a boy talking to a girl was just fine.

When she entered the house her mother questioned her “Who was that boy?! “

“Who?” asked Moretha.

“The boy you were talking to today at school…” she said in a mocking tone.

“It is not called talking mom “, explained Moretha.

“I don’t know anything, but you are not going for the school picnic tomorrow!”

“….But??? “Said Moretha.

”I don’t know anything!”, scolded mom and she went back to her room.

Marky came in front and started shouting, “Don’t worry, I will show you all my pictures". He laughed quickly and escaped to the room. Moretha went to her room crying. She had been waiting for the trip for the whole of last week. After a while, she went down the staircase to call her friends, informing that that she will not be at the picnic. Her mother had warned her to not talk about this situation with anybody outside the house. Somehow, she managed to inform Klio about it, who was also feeling very sad for her. As Klio informed her other friends about it, they all decided not go for the picnic, but do something together with Moretha. They came to Moretha’s house and decided to go to their secret place together and have fun. It was even easy to convince her mother as Marky wasn’t there.

Their secret place was a vast hidden garden. You could say a country full of fairies, mermaids and other imaginary characters were all staying and very much alive! It was really a very beautiful place. The place was a gift from her friends on her 10th birthday. The secret place was hidden on the 4th room from her right hand side of the entrance.

They walked all the way up to the scary palace and were facing the talking wall. Suddenly, the wall asked, “Password?” Moretha stepped forward and said “Who's there”. The wall shifted and the way to magical land opened up. Just like last time, she took the old frock, bracelet, bun stick, and a pair of shoes. Every time she visited the place, she was gifted something magical. This time she got a tiara from the fairy. As she picked the tiara, everything started revolving around her and her appearance started changing. She now looked like a princess. Everyone bowed in front of her. She was really confused. All the friends looked different in their appearances and they were looking like fairies. They explained to her that she was not someone ordinary, rather she was a Princess of Nature who was born to protect the World and make it a peaceful place by saving it from pollution, and all the other harmful things.

She understood the motive and since then she has been trying to help the world in every way possible. So, let us also take small steps to help her and not disturb Nature.

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