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The Last Note To Father
The Last Note To Father

© Joyita Chakraborty


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A long time ago when I first opened my eyes to blink
You held me tight in your arms and a piano of ecstasy and awe strung deep in your heart;
Kissing my forehead, tears of immense happiness rolled off your cheeks,
And did you know, all this time, that I have preserved those precious pearls deep down among my treasured memories?
The first day of school when I wasn’t letting you go away;
The final days of my life when I bound you to stay and not take my breath away.
Time weakens my mind; pain conquers my heart now, playing a melancholic sonata in the flickering light of life,
Cancer doesn’t hurt as much as the thought of leaving you forever.
And even after cajoling death time and again to let me stay and spend some more priceless moments, father,
It just doesn’t seem to listen to me or to be persuaded.
All the times when the world tried to change me to adapt to their ways,
You held me strong to the ground and pressed me on saying, ‘Be Yourself.’
All the times when doubts, defeat and confusion clouded my way,
And stormy nights took my sleep away,
You hugged me tight, close in the warmth of you blanket of love,
And your presence itself shoves off all dark shadows and enlightens my life again with a fresh hope of vigour, epic enigma and confidence.
Sun of endless inspiration and moon of my dreams,
Even today you give me so much strength and glaring flares of positivity.
In this small life, I have understood that friend, relatives or close relationships,
All wither away selfishly, leaving you forlorn in the cold of problems and distress.
Who stood firm to guide me and show the light to this wandering soul,
And fought endless battles with the world,
Are you, father, who always acted as a shield to protect me.
I stare for long hours at your face,
Which has lost its calm and pacified grace.
And who to blame other than me,
Creating endless hurdles in your life and now anxiety, fear and worry.
A teacher, a mentor, a guide or a father,
How do I remember you, time tell me, father?
I’m dying and soon would cease to exist in this world,
But I want to write this and leave a legacy about how my father struggled all his life to raise me into the perfect child,
And in the pages of history of this world,
You would live forever as my hero.

The Last Note of a daughter to father.

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