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Her Favorite Table
Her Favorite Table

© Kavita Sharma


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Once again on that same table,

She sits with her favourite book.

Same table, same view, same traffic,

Same tragic signal.

But the front chair is still empty.

Everything is still on the same position,

But for her everything is changed.

She doesn't place her order,

Every time with her arrival,

Waiter starts preparing her favourite cold coffee.

She comes once a week at same coffee shop.

She gets busy with her book and coffee.

But her eyes are glued to the traffic,

Her eyes are still searching for someone!

But who?

She asked herself,

And then came the answer-

"Dear eyes, I'm still waiting for him."

She fell silent once again.

Freezing her gesture for a while,

She starts remembering-

How she had waited for him as usual;

He said he would return in 2 minutes.

Who knew that the wait for those 2 minutes,

Would never end!

In front of her eyes, 

He was shot mistakenly by police.

Tears start rolling down.

One mistake and her world was shattered!

She curses herself once again!

Why didn't she stop him that day?

When she felt something was wrong outside,

Why did she allow him to go outside?

After his death, she visits the same coffee shop regularly.

She knows he is no more,

But she is still waiting,

Because he promised that he'll never leave her alone!

And she promised to herself-

"I know you're waiting in heaven,

For me.

I'll come soon sweetheart"

And with falling tears on the last page of the last chapter,

She completed her first novel-

‘Her Favorite Table’.

And devoted it to her love... 


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