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Beauties Of Nature
Beauties Of Nature

© Anjali Patteri


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From the rising sun in the morning

To the shining moon at night

The beauties of nature

Are quite a beautiful sight.


Summer, winter, autumn and spring

Loads and loads of happiness they bring

Which makes each and every heart sing

Nature is such a beautiful thing.


Long stretches of snowcapped mountains

Each and every drop of rain

Dazzling sun at noon

Star studded night sky with the moon

The beauties of nature

Are quite a beautiful sight.


Lovely rainbow stretched across the sky

Charming movement of a beautiful butterfly

Wonderful birds flying in the sky

All of these are such a mesmerizing sight.


Surging seas, tall trees

Soothing breeze, humming bees

Crystal clear water in the lake

Amazing fishes living in them

Wonderful waterfalls making us astounded

Blooming flowers with an enchanting aroma

The beauties of nature

Are quite a beautiful sight.


In a drought hit ground

When heat is unkind

And water is hard to find

A rain quenches its thirst.

When the beauties of nature

Help each other so much

Why are we being so ruthless to our fellow beings?


When these beauties of nature make us so glad

Why is our behavior towards it so bad?

When this will not give us any gain

Why do we give it so much pain?

We should take care of our nature

After all we are all its creatures.


Beautiful Nature

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