Global Warming

Global Warming

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The nature beds and water

On earth started fading away,

Blowing wind has lost its way..

What's this imbalance?

Where is the rain?

The mountains cry

And it's echoes reach the sky..

While the sky, coughed and sighed..

I'm depleting in silence ,

Seek the humans for answer.

Volcanic eruptions and green house gases

Are increasing every day..

Rising sea levels and deserts all the way..

Coral bleaching and melting glaciers

Across the ocean's bay..

Climate got warmer..

Global rainfall and stream flow changed,

Affecting coastlines, tides, sea.

Oh, humans.. Wake up!!

Warned the nature.

But the fossil fuels were still burning

And forests were cleared for industrialisation..

As temperature increased,

We humans, couldn't bare the heat

And questioned back nature,

For the answers it was seeking..

No rain and wind..

No greens and peace.

What's happening on earth?

The mountains echoed..

Hey, you human!

Restore the wealth of planet,

With what was stolen from it.

You'll know what happened!!

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