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A Reflection Of Home Truth
A Reflection Of Home Truth

© Kumaara Sukeja


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MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall-Reflector of truth on call?
You're, incontrovertibly, having a ball--mocking them all,
Chuckling silently at the absurdities in focus, as a whole.
How fissiparious acts- mindless- of Man has taken its toll.
Meanwhile, mundanely meandering, he dreams walking tall!

"You've been around for long-- the beginning of Time, or after?"
"Heard if not the first-ever Mother's cry-at least, her maiden laughter?"
Seriously, Heaven didn't send you, you became Man's vaunted homage
To God, in making, replicating in HIMSELF the Creator's true image-- 
But soon, in his heart, truncated the Maker to an inanimate stage!

What do you see whenever he stands proudly facing you?
Vexed, you maybe, with his personal charm going askew--
He, in a grandiose effort, wants to out-smart the Creator
But, instead, a quirky fate lands him in the Absurd Theater:
Out-smarted, he cajoles you to amend with excuses new...

In your heart of hearts, you feel, indeed, for the kindred soul, sorry;
But, being the fairest, also know that is not even half the worry.
Deluded, he's reveling in schisms, fragmenting the Virgin Whole,
Denuding the succoring Nature, reducing her to a droplet dole.
But, alas, only you're left to reflect on his imploding damned soul!

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