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A Note To You
A Note To You

© Gifty Thomas


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It was another day of my life

And I knew I am alone.


I was walking by the road

In my thought and worries

You came along and held my hand

And asked me to share my stories.


I wasn’t too sure

If I should be with you

But you smiled at me and said

I want to be with you.


I came with a baggage

Of troubles and sorrow

But you whispered to me

I’ll be your tomorrow.


I thought I’d take it slow

And let the old things go

because you wiped away my tears

And urged me to grow.


Every time I saw you

I don’t know how to tell

My hear skips a beat

And roll down the well.


I know you knew it

I know it made you smile

And that’s one thing about you

To see I’d walk a mile.


And then you had to leave

To your new place of stay

You said you’d be back soon

And for that we both did pray.


I tell you it was tough

To be without you

But all the while you said

That we would get this through.


And the one fine day

You wanted me away

I cried, pleaded and begged

But I knew I had no say.


And there I stood stranded

My heart weak and hurt

You left me lone and went

In this vast, scary desert.


No one to go to

No one to understand

I knew I should move on

To live in this No Man’s land.


This is a Note to tell you

In the words of a song

The tears have dried up

But the smiles have long gone.


And here’s another day of my life

And I know I am alone.

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