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Her Resilience

Her Resilience

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A silent whisper, a hushed cry.

Mother held her child,

As she watched the world wiz by.

Time was surely a thief she thought,

Looking at her whimpering child,

She knew that this was true,

Without a doubt.

Smiles of warmth and comfort were given,

But yet she felt,

So cold from within.

Why does this happen?

Do others even care?

Surely they must all know,

That life wasn’t fair.

It had been the bitter truth all along,

The brave and the valiant,

Seldom live that long.

From the corner of her eye,

She viewed a hand.

And stood up slowly,

Straightening her wedding band.

With unshed tears,

She held her child,

And walked right ahead,

Willing her body to abide.

A hushed silence fell across the room

As the beautiful bride,

Went to greet her groom.

In her hand she held a bouquet of flowers,

And walked down the aisle,

Clad in black,

Her face held no trace of her everlasting smile.

Destination reached,

She sat down with her head held low,

And finally willed herself

To let her tears freely flow.

So close and yet so far,

She gazed at her beloved

Who now lay in his coffin,

Body adorned with many a scar.

She cried and screamed,

Death, Death!

Death had now done them apart,

Leaving behind a gaping hole in her heart.

How will she survive?

How will she move on?

She slumped to the ground,

Her will to live now all gone.

Suddenly she felt a tiny little hand,

Holding firmly onto her wedding band.

"Don’t cry mommy,

Daddy’s still with us.

In heart and soul

He will never ever leave us."

Mother wiped her tears

And hugged her little one,

And now saw her world revolving

Around her bright little sun.

She turned around and placed a kiss

On her love’s head,

Knowing finally how

She would move on ahead.

She walked back with her head held high,

Holding her little one near by,

Holding her little one near by.

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