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I Am Social Media
I Am Social Media

© Subhra Neel

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In the circus of society,
the act, the audience, and the performer are all me.
I am social media, the two faces of the same coin.
Truth-lie, good-evil are all the same, they are just a part of the game.

Nectar of knowledge, from the world around I bring
With deliberate spoon feeding, raise a civilization of well-educated human being
But to think, if this nectar is just sweetened LSD.
AND society dancing to my every wish, like puppets on a string.

A million smiles, a million likes
A Thousand comments, a thousand shares
I make you the next big star,
Divine beauty, oozing glam
She, a lust for all
But to think, if plain beauty is no beauty
And being simple is just being ugly.

A portal to your fantasy realm, with warmth of friends and well-wishers,
Radiating you heart from a thousand leagues afar.
Where you are, the king of dreams.
But to think, why then is the room so dark
And no sound, only a small sob, and a muffled cry.

All day long, warriors of light I discover
With pride, leading forward the morality bandwagon
Much pomp, parading through, followed by thousands.
But to think, also celebrating princes of Hybristophilia expanse
Having stigma is having  glory,
And the new virtue is the old vice.

I am social media,
I am the act, the audience, and the performer.
Truth-lie, good-evil are all the same.
They are just a part of the game.

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