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The day I saw her, I did infer, 
I'll never be the same again;
There was something that made me fall for her,
that was something I couldn't abstain...

When she looked at me with those stunning eyes,
I felt my heart skip a beat;
My mind protested with the languishing decries,
but for the imprudent heart, it was a stale defeat...

With exquisite beauty, she looks so pretty,
every part of her, is appealing;
I was perplexed by her divine serenity,
to see her, to adore her, every moment I was stealing...

Shining in the sky, ashamed was the sun,
when he confronted her lambent;
He thought he was the brightest one,
but that was until by God, she was sent...

Then came the night and the moon was high,
with the fallacy of being the prettiest of all;
Then he saw her, bewitched, he let out a sigh,
he knew his sovereignty was going to fall...

The party of calescent, by hot summer was hosted,
he bragged that he could aerate water
But when he met her, he never again boasted
because he had just met someone even hotter...

There she was, standing out among the crowd,
just like a charming flower among the rest;
Seeing her beauty, everyone did applaud,
the dominance of her beauty, once again manifest...

Women around her, they feel so jealous
because her beauty can't be epitomised in ink;
To subdue a warrior, quite hazardous,
all she need to do is just wink...

The women are not the only ones who envy her,
the angels of beauty are even more envious;
Defeated, they flew from earth, with their wings of fur
because she, my love, is Drop-dead-gorgeous...

What makes my praise for her even high,
is her skin as delicate as linen;
Bread for every soul, soothing for every eye,
she is the cupidity for every men...

That took my heart miles away,
is her demureness, her style, the way she smile;
Every moment I look at her and I would say,
are the only moment that makes my life worthwhile...

Her sparkling eyes and her golden hue,
immaculacy of her smile, is as peaceful as a dove
was what made me fall for her and I knew,
she was the one, I was made to love...

Earlier I thought if I fell in love, it'll be rue.
Now the statement seems totally lame
because the day I saw her, I knew,
I'll never ever again be the same...

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