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Why couldn't I be like that?
A little boy, playing in the sun
And chasing butterflies...?
Knew I shall grow up one day
Like everybody else
And I feared the sun would stop
Smiling back at me.
Why do children grow up?
Is it necessary to learn to lie?
To fake smiles, to wear masks?
To get lost in the rigmaroles
That life offers aplenty?
To hear about 'being a good person'
And not being one, but still growing up?
To write songs about love
And lend them to the most undeserving?
To consider your mother a burden
Whose absence had once meant darkness?
I'm the greediest person in the world
'Coz I wish to have the biggest treasure.
The days that sped way too fast.
I want to lose balance and fall
From my little bicycle again.
I want my father to bear my weight
On his shoulders, singing unmelodic songs
I wish to get awed staring at the rainbows
Instead of knowing every scientific explanation
I wish to fall, get hurt, and cry
'Coz only then can I see the world
That is full of beautiful things
And beautiful things only.
I am tired of watching people
Play with hearts, time, money,
Body, relations, truths.
It was more fun
Playing with twigs, damp sand, and mud.

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