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Hope And Peace
Hope And Peace

© Ayushmaan Dhoundiyal


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That what brings within, raging anger,
that what brings within ,deep sorrow,
that what brings within ,untold silence,
that what is within this heart and hidden ,
is a tormenting Poseidon within a Poseidon.

The time between happening and happens,
recalls a glimpse of that impacted lappen.
A different gateway to a different crew.
struggling to find a way out of that stew,
what gem is that which is found by few ?

Why man floats differently in same swirl?
Why for some it is stone for others pearl?
What sun shines with a differing heat?
What self-slake food is that they eat?
What is it with truth to bring forth cheat?

Eyes that catch a moment are pitiful,
hands move ,turning to those grateful.
Meant to live this life to its simplest
sailors tamper this selfish tempest,
complicating daily work , being a  sadist.

That what is borne to man and born by,
is a dissonance of society  and self hereby.
When paths seem to blur and sublime,
bell easily approached in that time,
brings the chirp of a beautiful chime.

Let astonishing mountains rise to raise,
let good part of human share be shared,
Let meaning be brought to meaningless,
let the satin  inside fell simplicity pain,
for this life has hope and peace to gain .

Hope peace

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