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See Through Her Eyes
See Through Her Eyes

© Rageshree Sengupta


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Living in a house of hay

Feeding on just a single meal

Raising both her daughters

With no means to earn her bread

The husband's hardly home

Even if he is, it's for his own self

Any small mistake made by her

Her drunkard man retorts.

There is no forgiveness.

Her body is bent

Her eyes are swollen

Her soul is abandoned.

When the first girl arrived,

She was mocked by all.

When the second one came,

She was almost kicked out of the house

But suddenly she was held back

Cause, who will cook?

Who will maintain the home?

Who will educate the girls?

Who will look after the fields?

If men are said to be stronger,

Why do social situations make him weak?

Why does commitment make him afraid?

Why doesn't he deserve true love?

Why does he claim to be independent when he isn't?

Some questions will never have answers.

But there will always be a solution.

One fine day,

She learnt how to say "No"

"No" to violence

"No" to drama

"No" to her husband.

She took off with the girls

With the dereliction of her heart

And a will to save her children

To find some work

To find true love.

When I see through her eyes,

I see the gift of womanhood

I see the gift of humanity.

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