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My Heart A Song
My Heart A Song

© Vaghawan Ojha


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Collecting the diamonds in the shore,

I will again picture those dreams,

That we shared afore,

A subtle candle lights will remain lightning,

Until you again return at my door,

In the mansion of our story,

There will be candles under the moon,

When the darkness dance into the peace,

We’ll drown into the god’s boon,

Until and unless the wave loves the shore,

My heart a song,

Your memoir a melody

That was never composed.


When dawn emerges in your reminiscence,

I won’t be afraid of my loneliness,

When my frail eyelash fight with those rays,

My wishes will protrude for your bless,

Closed window doesn’t hide your soul,

Oh my eyes, this world is a dark hole,

Why do you cry, but for the god’s foul,

Until and unless there’s a sun

Cold is innocent, but for the burns,

And through the ashes,

My heart a song,

Your memoir a melody,

That was never hummed.  


Let the old tree cry,

For who would listen,

You won’t dare to see it,

For there was no leaves to create a beat,

But in those silent whispers,

My soul will fight,

Through the dry winter,

Until the green erase your plight;

Look at the raped valley,

It no more howls,

Let all the silence disposed in a ounce,

Until and unless the valley breaths,

My heart a song,

Your memoir a melody,

That was never penned.

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