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© Deepak Kumar Dey


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Just after sunset, last evening
it was partly dark , in the park,
she appeared like a glistening spark.
I met her again for the second time
can't find words how so charming,
really she is awesome
innovative and wholesome.

She came close and sat beside me
at a constant pace, she looked me in the eye
for her beauty I was shy.

During our meeting and conversation
windows of hope got awakened
through the eyes of magical imagination
I felt she has stolen my heart and soul
For her enchanting fairy voice
I have possibly found the ocean of unending choice.

My secret I shouldn't hide
To her, I should confide.
looking at her mild face
My heart was tenderly filled with grace,
and her soul was like a temple
so sweet, receptive and simple,

Like the midnight moon
she was shining as a golden spoon
She wished to die in my embrace
so our life wouldn't have been a waste
she pleaded to savour every taste,
and to be her lovely wonderous soul mate.

Before I have left,
I think I have got my prettiest theft,
My heart and soul both got fed
while she signed a blissful kiss on my forehead.

For her love appeal, deep secrets I have more
I am sure , I have a lot in my store
As I am fallen in love with her.
Being a man I can understand
I should care for her and wished distant land
For she has begged my hand
To journey hand in hand.

Since last evening I have been dreaming
For her love , I wish to fill it with much meaning,
Divinely I am a victim of her lovely soulful feeling
she is a gem of a masterpiece of art
I am in love with her from the bottom of my heart.


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