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Seeing Eye To Eye
Seeing Eye To Eye

© Harshit Kedia


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Sometimes I wonder
What my eyes actually do
Do they see the world as me?
Or cover it up and wrap it in blue?

Can you, my eye
See beneath the shell?
Like an x-ray for hearts
Can you see where souls dwell?

Or are you just an accessory
To the world blinded by skin tone
By creed, culture, religion
Where you are always alone

If so, then justify yourself, my eye
Tell me what I see is true
Make me believe it's not a lie
And the world's one colorful hue

Can you just see different men,
Different from the one bearing you?
Or can you see the difference in men?
Difference seen by only few

Why can't you see past yourself,
Past your own needs and grief?
I wonder if you are just a mirror
For self-reflection and relief.

Why do you see good and bad?
Aren't they both the same?
Isn't it you who criticizes them
Based on just their names?

Can you tell me why 
Good is good and bad is bad?
Isn't it just a matter of perspective?
The one thing you've always had?

If so then how good are you
Or bad in retrospect?
Aren't they just opinions
In the world with no intellect?

Now you may say,
"How does the world lack intellect?"
Tell me, doesn't it know
That bad are the ones we neglect

That good is a common opinion
That bad is an opinion rare
That good gets so much nurturing
And bad, they simply don't care

And then when bad tries to be heard
He's just tortured and punished
As if it's his will to be bad
That he wishes to be banished

Tell me my eye...
Do you still don't see this deed?
Or are you really just an accessory
Of this world full of greed?

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