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 The day is near, I can’t seem to hide the fear, 

I can’t seem to live with the pain, 

The pain of not seeing you all again! 

I remember that morn, 

Six years after I was born, 

I heard the school drum, And gave my parents a tantrum. 

I still remember that smile, Which came from near a book pile. 

I was asked to sit near a student, And HE became my first friend. 

And after that, my friends list had no end!!!!! 

We all used to bunk, We all used to flunk, 

And when teachers scolded us, We never did as they told us!!! 

I miss those lovely moments, 

Those nail-biting moments of tense, 

When the answer papers are before us, And we all will throw each other under the bus! 

I miss those funny times, When we demonstrated mimes,

 I really loved that white paint, 

Seeing my friends, I did faint. 

We used to get many a beating, In lunch, we would snatch each other’s eating. 

In class, the teacher becomes furious, But even that time, we would be curious! 

In every opportunity we get, We would try games, you bet.

 Ah! It was so much fun, To play under the sun! 

And when we were shuffled, And I was baffled. 

But our friendship only grew, And that was truer that true! 

We would make someone a laughing stock, And he would stare at us in shock, 

Never realising he was made a fool, Ah! I really miss my school.

And now, here comes the board, And now’s not the time to get bored. 

We need to give our best, And forget the rest. 

Exams are just boulders, That must be carried by our shoulders. 

The exams would march away, along with March. 

When things get slack, Do look back. 

Even if the water’s very clear, Do shed a tear! 

Gone are the days, We all would now go our separate ways, 

And even if the world ends, Don’t forget your dearest friends. 

I could very well jump into a well, Than to wish you guys farewell. 

It’s the time’s nature, To plunge you into the future. 

To give this poem an end, To make you all comprehend, 

To give it a finishing touch, Let me admit the truth: I would miss you all very, very much!!!!

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