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Still Looking For Him In Every Crowd
Still Looking For Him In Every Crowd

© Mridula Goel

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She doubted if he even knew about her existence
and he was already her wonderwall.
While she could still only find the courage to steal  glances at him.
Too long till they first started talking 
which slowly was on its way to becoming a friendship.
Now he was stealing glances at her
and she was enjoying his shy attention that she always longed for.
He had many a great friends to support him in his time of need
but still he drew towards her to seek a lift.
Chatting each other up for hours together
Sometimes by urgency, sometimes by intent they then started to call each other.
And then something happened, 
they still don't know who messed it up,
who uttered the wrong words or 
who misunderstood the other.
And as they stand now
still acting like everything is normal on the outside
while on the inside they both still wonder about who went wrong.
She knows she still wishes for a way out of the rut 
but does not know how.
And like this they passed college 
and she went to the big, crowded city for her job.
Walking blank faced on the streets 
her mind still full of questions
her days still full of contemplations.
Still imagining what it would be like to have his attention,
to have a single Hi or maybe a call.
One evening on her way back home from work 
there he was standing there in front of her...


still looking for him in every crowd

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