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Fly High
Fly High

© Sheffali Chugh


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Flying high in the sky was my aim
Past many months, I was thinking the same
I practiced hard to learn how to fly
only on myself I wanted to rely

Once I jumped from a building so high
I was so happy and said goodbye
my dream of flying was about to be fulfilled
unfortunately, I fell into a pond as if I died

My dream of flying was broken in my eyes
all hopes and dreams ended up being a lie
I was injured badly and couldn't walk
People laughed at me and with them I didn't talk

Injuries were healed soon and I started walking
What left in me was still that dream of flying
My life was existing and I wasn't living it anymore
That dream was popping in my eyes which I couldn't ignore

Restless and frustrated was me all those time
For people, that dream of flying was a crime
I couldn't stop myself from dreaming or raising hopes
It wasn't possible for people to tie my legs with ropes

I went to that tall building again with a parachute
To the people who were down, I gave them a salute
I jumped again and thought of my dream
So high that time was my self-esteem

I was flying and there was peace in my mind
When I was in air, the feeling was so divine
The satisfaction of fulfilling my dream was visible
in my eyes and that moment was so unforgettable

Don't stop dreaming if you fail once in life
dream again and keep trying to be alive
Fly high and don't just exist in life
make your identity and live forever in one life

motivational; inspirational poetry

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