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The Best Gift Of Almighty: Mom

The Best Gift Of Almighty: Mom

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Once I met God in my dreams,

A place all away from shouts and screams.

I asked God to give me a lifetime gift,

Some who would love me and drive me in swift.

God sent me to an angel and named her mom,

She love me and took a great care of me and also did my comb.

My mum is my best friend and my best buddy,

She plays with me and also helps in my study.

She is very friendly in nature,

And I bet, God took much time to develop this creature.

May God bless her with all the happy times,

May she enjoy the happiest days when the sun shines.

My mother is the most precious gift for me,

Only because of her, the whole world I could see.

Her blessing are my greatest power..

All the blessings on her may the almighty shower.

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