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The Cry That Never Ends
The Cry That Never Ends

© Avanthika Hareeshan

Inspirational Tragedy

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She laid her head on the green carpet,

And gazed at the blanket of stars.

She dreamt, of her dreams,

How unfulfilled they lay.

Just like a child Chasing A Rainbow,

Never accomplished.

She had Tears in her eyes,

And held a Galaxy within her.

She looks back to the dead night,

When the Gods gave up on her.

How mean where they to make this little one cry.

That day her colourful world suddenly turned black and white.

That night when the world suddenly muted.

The trees never swayed.

The wind never blew.

The moon never saw.

The cry she gave.

Dragged along the way was she.

Her hands, tied!

Her feet, stomping!

Her mouth, dry!

For she was stuck,

Didn't know what else to do.

Her eyes still remember the faces.

Her ears still remember the voices.

Her body still remember the touches.

Her mind still remembers the pain.

They grabbed her body.

They held her legs.

They touched her the way she shouldn't be touched.

They bit her lips.

They kissed her hips.

They rubbed their bodies along hers

And now she weeps.

Every now and then.

Her face always wan.

Her lips always sulking.

Those alluring smile of hers never returned.

Her dreams Lay unaccomplished.

Her life unfulfilled.

And yes she lives.

The life of a corpse.

Now still she Lays on the green carpet,

Gazing at the blanket of stars.

Dreaming to go to an ethereal world.

Trying to rise with her Broken Wings.

But the angels raised her up!

tears eyes carpet lips

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