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Holy Shit!
Holy Shit!

© Priyamvada Rana

Drama Comedy

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I urged the soil to foretell the story,

Of homes amid the dynamite’s fair,

Of lands imprisoned and it’s people forsaken,

And of life grappling to breathe fresh air.


“Canaan, my child” came a thundering voice,

From a paper figure with a golden aura,

To ‘His’ glory the lurid sun was succumbing,

When ‘this’ godhead appeared wearing a tiara.


“Don’t be startled, I am Moses from the bleak heavens!"

Exclaiming this he swayed his white robe,

Resting on the desolated holy land,

He began the story on a heart-wrenching note.


“It’s a saga of a land now sunken in blood,

For so gifted was Canaan that it resembled almost Eden,

With its fortune spreading wings in the sunshine,

And of peace resonating pitch like a Raven.


Oh, Child! let me take you back to the time,

When all sang jingles of communal solidarity.

Where folks attuned to cultural harmony,

And preached that religion that caressed humanity.”


‘Moses’, asked I, ‘what curse has befallen on Canaan?

I see no Eden, no serenity, and faith! 

Surmounted by distress Moses said,

‘’The once pleasant reality now seems a surrealistic myth.’’


Trapped in the manacles of inhumane filth,

The political villains befriended religion,

“My Son, Canaan was exposed to Darth Vader,

Who played with faith as a gimmick, thus spurt division”.


Leaders deployed calamitous tactics,

Burning togetherness of Canaan in scathefire,

Israel-Gaza- Palestine then emerged,

As states pendulating amid the political dire.


Cults rose and buried peace with the corpses,

With Jews and Arabs battling for their lands,

Killing every sane melody that voiced benevolence,

The crusaders smelled now their bloody hands.


Shouting slogans of communal discord,

With faith vested in possessing holy land,

Over the wall of Jerusalem, the cults fought,

“Selling their religion as an indomitable brand.”


Looking at the animated upsurge,

Politics grinned sitting at the throne,

The weapon in massacre they employed,

‘’Twas shameful to see what religion could do all alone.’’


‘’Holy shit! It is to see bloodshed over holy land,

I abstain from such faith that makes holiness as hell!

How this Moses wish religion could’ve been apolitical,

And not the propagandizing sort that drives mankind to quell.”


Humanity Peace

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