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I Pine For You
I Pine For You

© Supriya Sahu


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I belong to someone
With all strong winds flowing around us 
And all humiliating me out there
I know he'd still be in my arms
And walk through the path
With my head resting on his shoulder 


Through hardships, through sickness 
I know you'd be with me always


We'll steal happy moments
On the back seats of the bus
At the corner table of a restaurant 
And the silence of the night 
People would smile seeing both of us
Small children around greeting us a warm "hello"
I would travel hundred miles with you
To nowhere
And never leave you till forever 
Your tired head resting on my lap
My hands slowly caressing your forehead 
I would kiss you 
And hold you so close to me
"You're everything to me baby"
Let me dip myself in you
And to be there 
You tasted more sweeter than a brownie
"I Love You"
So much that 
I miss you every passing moment
Even more than the last one
Sometimes just being someone by your side
Is enough 
Who'll hold you when you fall
Who'll encourage when it would all seem a deadlock
Who'll hold your hands affectionately, 
When you're bedridden 
Who'll kiss you to sleep
And the blues would eventually have to pass 
Feeling his heartbeats would make mine at pace
And I 'd become more calmer than anytime 
I wanna live in him
And lost in him
One look at him and I would want nothing else
I feel
Incomplete and always looking for someone
Searching the person who now only exists 
In my mind
The fragrance of his on my body
The wetness of his lips hovering over mine
My baby!!!
Seeing someone hugging 
And throwing yourself all into him
Sends me a shiver, a thrill of emotion 
Not in excitement but of longing 
At the end of the day I needed your arms around me
And to be there till our night goes
I'd never be bereaved 
Your presence would always be there 
In some or the other way
My days are empty bereft of you 
Let me be under your shade
Keep bestowing me with your LOVE
Give a sign of your presence  
Wrap yourself around me
And let me experience my true self
Now I beckon you onto my arms
And release all your pain to me 
I would be your support, your strength 
and I won't let it go.


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