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When I Will Die...... Don’T Tell A Lie
When I Will Die...... Don’T Tell A Lie

© Deepak Kumar Dey


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When I am dead
Tell my son that I left some bread,
A piece of what I have made
Ask him not to be pale red,
May he not a tear to shed
I may not be in person here,
But will be for you to hear
Tell him to take care of his sister,
He is my proud son heir
And I am his proud father

When I shall be no more
Be a father to my daughter through care
Show how much I treasured her,
Clean the tear stained face of her
You both are my mirror reflection
Console each other from fear and deflection
I am no more but certainly
Very proud of my own reflection.

When I am dead
Tell my brother and sister,
We have emerged from the same mother
Remind them of my wish,
That they should stand hand in hand
Tell them to bear up riddles of nothing,
To knit firmly the greater string.
Remind them again to redeem the time,
Be well up, not to go rack and ruin.
For me they are not separated,
But connected and undivided.
Here I will be no longer, of them I am a proud brother.

When I am dead
Tell my soul mate not to be desperate and impatient,
Console her not to be panic stricken,
Ensure her she won’t be broken
Show her the Eden garden where I've planted
The roses of red to cap the climax.
I won’t be here but from above,
There will be no decay of my love.
Even after my death, to her I will not hide my secret
I am a proud soul mate.

When I am dead
Tell my most reliable friend,
My journey has come to an end
My words will be unheard and unsaid,
My gratitude must be paid.
Tell him not to fall back or nor to be out of mind
Ensure him to go on with consequences,
Hold on to our promises.

When i am dead
my betrayers and cheaters
May come out with praising whispers
Through  crocodile cry ,
They will shed tears;
But how could I see through my ever closed eyes
Request  them to do a favour
to cry for me now,
to display their artificial show
They, the best actors I know.
But tell them not to run after private name and fame
In HIS eyes we all are individuals, but the same ..(HE SEES THE TRUTH  BUT WAITS)

When I am dead
with closed eye
My soul will  say goodbye to all of you
I will be  on the way to
God's eternal land,
to meet my parent.
Who have taught me to be the most decent and obediant...

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