The World In My Heart

The World In My Heart

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When I discovered this

It disturbed me, 

But then I paused 

For a long while

And thought;

Slowly, it made sense to me, 

I accepted that looking 

For like minded people 

Is a form of racism.

So now I consciously 

Look forward to expand

My horizons, 

To like people who 

Are not like me;

Though I like to write,

I am trying to like people

Who hate writing. 

I hate beef, yet I am trying 

To love those 

Who think their moms

Make the best beef in the world.

In me, I realise this strange calmness

Not perturbed by differences, 

Kindness is showering light

Onto to my changed civil eyes. 

I am trying to accept people 

Who do not belong to my faith, 

I suddenly find it meaningless, 

Looking alone for those with

Similar taste, familiar face. 

I am trying to love the world, 

The only visible space

That sings and drums

In different ways, 

But beats like my heart.

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