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The Rich Me !
The Rich Me !

© Supriya Mishra


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Treasures do not mean a billion dollar in account
Neither it is the bungalow nor your crown.
A treasure I must say is not your cheesy car
Unknown to you it's your happy heart.

Happiness not only means a big day out with friends
Nor it is supposed to be a never-ending end.
A deep curvy smile is all that it means
That comes on your face when you remember those thrills.

When you look at your diary and go through it
Only to find how stupid you had been.
Gifts you got from your childhood friends
It's so good, you could still keep your heart close to them.

There it is, the first letter you wrote
But never could you find guts to be bold.
You did never say what you wanted to
She kept waiting, and you kept waiting too.

Pens and these certificates, medals and winning trophies
Reminders of your triumph have always been so worthy.
Answer sheets you saved because they remind you of the sincere you,
Someone you lost while you were becoming you.

All this you have is not mere a rag
It is the journey you have been walking through
Because time will come and time will go,
memories in your head will reside with you.

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