I Am A Refugee

I Am A Refugee

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I am a refugee

Aren't you also one? 

This world, not for me? 

Where'd I rather be gone!

I am a refugee. 

A nomad. 

In no man's land. 

I'm perpetually on the run. 

My space is lost. 

Yours is won.

I'm in exile. 

On the lookout

For a ground and a sky, 

A cradle I can rely on. 

If the world is my graveyard

I wonder where my kingdom lies

And where do I belong!

Intelligent, kind leaders

Find us the answer

Where did we come from? 

Give us a place

In your global village

Where we could live in solace, 

Where we could sing a lullaby

To our babies

Before going to sleep.

Give us a corner

A piece of garden 

Laden with trees

Give us a border

A pasture where

We could be at ease;

Play, dance, drink and eat

We could rest in peace.

Dear thinkers

Nothing is permanent

Under the blue firmament

Upon the azure sea

We're all moving travelers, 

Nomads, visitors here, 

We're all refugees.

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