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The Story Of A Heart
The Story Of A Heart

© Aiman Wahab


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I used to live a usual life with a normal routine of giving cheers and glee. Because everyone wanted to live for themselves first, and living for others was a thing of beauty. All of a sudden I felt a new love and care around me, when I could feel someone running for me. I stopped and looked around to see who it was, But you came beside,took my heart,without even touching me! Your presence was always like a light in dark, removing the darkness and spilling new rays. We walked together and colored our life, My smile refused to leave my face those days. You gave me new dreams,you made me fly high. We were on a new journey and loved the way we flied. I trusted your words and believed in your lies, which later injured me deep inside. You left midway and went somewhere, your absence was killing me inside all the time,everywhere. I shivered in a sorrowful storm of pain, but kept on searching for you in vain, again and again. The thought of living without you was a nightmare! Even in your absence,I could feel you somewhere. Waiting for you to return was becoming hopeless, and a long journey ahead was waiting for my footsteps. After wasting immense time, I decided to run alone and far away. Still hoping inside for miracles to happen, and still looking everywhere to catch a glimpse of you in the way. I walked far away, far far away. Met new people,new lives and new days. Your absence which never used to leave my mind, told my heart that I was a rare diamond, but you turned out to be blind. You gave me memories,you gave me a lesson, to lock you aside and leave you in the way. I searched for my happiness and joys myself, and found a new life, a new me and new joyful days. I accepted my mistakes and forgave myself too. I understood a new way of living without you. My madness was over and I was over with you, as now I explored a long unheard road,with a beautiful view.

We all can conquer over heartbreaks

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