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It consumes you to the innermost,

Feels to have an exiled mind,

Grieves in your sentiments destroy the soul,

A wandering unworthy creature's wishes dying.


A clueless human, skin to bone,

Drowned in the thoughts of an untrue life,

Darkness will leave the sun has shone,

Finding peace, maybe so, in the afterlife.


It emerged again from the sunken ship of hope,

Initiation for the first time,

Took a leap forward, eyes closed,

A leap of faith into the divine.


A question on his divinity arose,

Wondered and wandered, maybe not into a perfect rhyme.

In want of finding that which is unknown.

Then it struck, I knew it from a while,

Gift of faith was not yet mine.


But then again, I took a step, one step maybe into the void.

Then I heard in pleasure, a beat undiscovered, undefined.

It took a while, a practised gesture, mysteries remained unsolved.

Deep inside I knew this was a fact I was denying.


I roamed around the world alone,

Then they told me to go to the place where in two split the skyline.

The goal seemed unreachable, I doubted if I'll ever be home.

I knew I would find no saviors, and the path was one I could not memorize.

But then, I hoped, I knew it then, the North Star above will be my guide.


Faith believe atheism gift life journey wandering purpose of life why are we living finding god hope marred and camouflaged lives.

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