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The One You Cannot Have
The One You Cannot Have

© Abhilash Reddy


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I still remember the day

I met you for the first time

Because it was the most beautiful day in my life.


You stole my heart, the first time I saw you,

Your smile, laugh, and your voice warmed

Every corner of my soul.


My only goal in life 

I made on that day was

To adore you. 


I want you to know I'm here for you,

To the one I like, the one I adore,

My love grows every day more and more.


I want to be more than a friend.

But I was afraid too at that age.

I thought everything will be alright

Because I adore you.


Years have passed.

We've had so many adventures.

We are always in different places in our lives.


I tried so hard.

I tried my best.

I changed all my dreams

Just to travel with you.

But destiny never supported for us.


I'm living in the present.

And my mind is in the past.

And I'm oblivious to what future holds for us.


I miss the way we used to be.

It's hard to be without you.

And now you’re the one I want.

And at the same time, you’re the one I cannot have.



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