Paradise Cries

Paradise Cries

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Ailing world. 


All its organs

Bruised relentlessly

With collective care, concern;

Poverty, pollution,

Weapons, wars

Divides and scars

Experienced everywhere. 

With its waves

The world roars

Every moment

'You speak in so many tongues

I beg your pardon

My feelings unnoticed, my agonies unsung? 

You're killing me, your own nest

It's a lose-lose game

Are you so dumb!'

With its clouds

The world roars and says

'I shed these clouds time and again

You get water, life-giving rain

You can't clear them from your head

You seem to melt them only into blood

Coagulate me with your scarlet flood

You're hurting me you're such a pain!

I'm boiling now, volcanoes inside

You don't count that you're committing suicide?'

Hell of a world


All its parts

Ripped apart.

Golden garden

Weighed down

Perilously hanging in the edge

Tonnes of destructive, useless knowledge, 

Selling a pack of insipid lies!

Full of hope, with dreamy eyes

The grounds screech of crises,

 Paradise cries. 

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