Walking Down Memory Lane

Walking Down Memory Lane

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Going through the Sweetest Memory Lane,

I reach at the Saddest Sand-bed.

I am searching You again and again

In the bottom of my Heart......


The fragrant of the White Gardenia,

The aroma of the Honey of Mahua,

Call the Crazy Bees to have fun...

While searching your Smile...

In the bottom of my Heart......


I have gone too far away...

In the Foggy Moonlight Night,

With the Rainbow in the Gloomy Sky

I prefer to return Home.

Time to look back into My Heart......


Under the Evergreen and Deciduous Trees,

Searching for Diamond and Pearls

Light and Dark are playing together

When Rains come and wipe out all the Odds,

Even then I am not tired...

Walking Down the Memory Lane,

In searching you, My Love

In the bottom of my Heart......

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