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The Burning Heart
The Burning Heart

© Gargi Bhankharia

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That day,

When she was turning freaked out

and – I too felt fanatic;

And to be escaped from the burning heart,

I sprinted all over there.


That day,

When I was roaming like an animal,

Lost in my heart;

Needed only one person to understand me,

To pour water on my heart.



That day,

On which whole of my life was reliant,

I cried for that long –

That everything was scorched to ashes

And everyone had left me.


That day,

I saw her through the flames,

standing there, Laughing on me;

I wanted to kill her with a pointed dagger.

She was that vile.


That day,

I felt her as a sillyish and psychic girl.

Killing others,

she was deeming herself as the supreme,

And I did nothing.


That day,

I thought about our pleasant past again

And all of a sudden,

I found no reason of her negligence towards me.

She was changed.


That day,

I tried to convince her straight,

for all the time,

But without any plea,

She didn’t even listen to me, 

and sharpened her eyes. I died with her actuality.


That day,

After too long a time,

I found the fact:

She was envious,

Because I’d found my wings and showed her;

But I’d lost her then.


That day,

I left her there as the only living person;

And by being burnt,

I flew through the bright flames of the blaze –

But contented, and with me.


That day,

 I realized that she never understood me.

Being either lame or jealous –

She wasn't ever able to criticize my ability;

And I didn’t care then.


That day,

Then came to an end before my eyes. And I relaxed,

Knowing it was only a dream that bothered me;

But my heart was still burning.

That day Built me to trust her more

than I had always done; And beside me

She smiled and gave that trustworthy gaze –

That I had to explain my pain.


That day,

Collapsed as I showed the fiery pain of my heart,

Holding my hands

She gave strength to me,

and swam through her mind.

I saw her being that sober.

“That day Makes sense, for I, in your dream,

alluded to people.” She smothered my anguish.

Staring at her, I thought:

The world is such a chaos,

And I’d become its witness.

Stop thinking about that day and people, I told myself then.

Yes, they were never able to understand me

Because I’d found my wings.

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