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The Girl.. I Raped!
The Girl.. I Raped!

© Barkha Verma


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I pulled her to me,

She was trying to get free.

She was crying for help which no one could hear,

all she had, was pain to bear.

I tore the clothes and got inside her,

forgetting she would be someone's dear.

In that cold weather, my devil was on peak of heat,

by which, my nobleness was burning into my own deceit.

When I was done,

I saw her laying numb.

I realised, her soul was murdered,

what asshole I became, I wondered!

I and the cold weather bitterly shuddered her,

So I put off my jacket and covered her.

I couldn't look at her, my heart was drowned into a guilty disaster,

All I did was running fast, faster and faster...

I reached home but my mind was frozen at that cursed place,

unwillingly remembering the inoccent gaze of her numb face.

My heart was trembling over my body from head to foot,

the shameful deed was waiting for penance as loot.

From the justice I was easily escaped,

But not from the innocence of the girl I raped.

I was restless, sleepless...

Tried to find the girl I raped, by whom my destiny was newly shaped.

In the search of that betrayed cindrella, I was totally failed,

despite of having freedom feeling jailed.

Forty years have been past  since that happened,

still my nightmare, that makes me frightened.

If I close my eyes for ever, would it ease the repentance,

Could I have my own soul's acceptance.

Sixty five years old...

Still unmarried,

Going to be buried...


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