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And Here You Go!!
And Here You Go!!

© Sruti Dhara Mohanty


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Here I feel a momentous glow,
when I saw those eyes in the scope,

Where none found them, or maybe binary
I elite them in my thoughts so endlessly,

I didn’t know what beheld me although,
in those significant while or would be so,

All I assumed could that exist
incessantly love I always perceive

In seconds, in time, I grew so near
to meditate yes you are one for me, dear

Nowhere would I feed my wonderment,
but was your beautiful smile that captivated.

I didn’t give a thought of you
to be counter the same.

All I had to do was to love
even in the erratic stage.

But bit by bit, dawn came near,
reveries broken down to reality sheer.

I found you couldn’t get
the doors that would take you to mine

You stepped out of my caring gloom
without even finding it was always above your crown

You gusted out me to my everlasting exclusion
from the world I built of you so extreme

My dreams, my reveries were down to inferno
how would you do in that spilt second for so.

So, here you go breaking the barricades,
and here I remain to even stop you no more. 

Sad Poetry

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