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Who Really Are Humans??
Who Really Are Humans??

© Shivangi Khanna


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Who really are humans??





Are they real enough??

Real enough to share love and bonds with each other.

To keep the faith and belief in each other.

Or just believe in the matter of time, that with time all the love, bond and care fades?

The trust and beliefs are a matter of winning relations and not actually meaning them. And from one human to another feelings change with a fling.

They are judgmental, mean, double standard and cunning. These species know what's wrong for them and what's beneficial. I prefer beneficial because humans have a tendency to look for their benefits in each and everything. How could you believe people living in a world where even photographs have fake smiles and too many filters just to show the world full of boast and flaunts...



They are just breathing lies and excusing trust. Digging for gold and leaving the souls.

To err is human (Shakespeare said) but to deliberate a deed is never an unconscious mind, it's a planned crime. Crime of suffocating relationships and murdering love.

We live in a materialistic world where a handsome guy is worth more impressive than a nerd boy with good heart,where a working mother is respected but a mother who is a house maker is never enough for family.

The world where your knowledge is judged by your grades or by your status or by how much load can you take on your pockets to please peoplep.



So in a world full of people faking around and ridiculously expensive relationships I believe one must start believing in estrangement. Where will be no expectations, no faking around and no fallacious arguments with people around.

Humanity has many shades within and the ugly and darker sides are seen in real life.People are materialistic.

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