My Dad My Valentine

My Dad My Valentine

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He & Me,

Yes, my Dad & Me,

We are together

Even when away from each other...

He understands me completely even without a word from me,

I can sense his feelings and situations completely, even without a word from him...

He guides me and gives me strength to fight my fears,

I can see everything but never in his eyes any tears...

With each other or distance apart,

We are two bodies but one beating heart...

Continuously in our minds, we keep each other,

Taking out time and talking endlessly to one another...

Sometimes we shower love,

Sometimes we get angry too...

But this is the way our relation gets its sweetness too...

Dad, I love you and you and mom are my lifeline...

My strength and my happiness,

I always want you both to be happy, healthy and fine.

Happy Valentines day Mom and Dad... A day for people who love each other... worth celebrating indeed

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