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Joshua writing

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Honor Is Not Everything

Honor Is Not Everything

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Shame upon nations, thy shall not permit dishonest, disloyalty to the throne of His Majesty

The unworthy shall perish in front of thee, his Majesty. Trust was in the eyes of the royal knights, the rage was filled in the eyes of the opponent

Within, was hatred for the royal kingdom,

As the full moon was about to rise 

His Majesty lifted his voice after a long time for a piece of advice

They talked about the cream stone size, how to disable it from where it's held captive with a newly presented device

The moon rose in rage, under the same moon the cream stone was in the palms of a sage 

Words couldn't convince thee, his plan was to get the cream stone and flee

His knights fallen in the trap of pride

For the rest of there nights on a death ride

In normal shape, his Majesty was, if at all 

His royal knights hadn't fall

The god of dishonest

Had a nest in thy kingdom

The moon which was again to rise the following night

Not to make things right but to make nations again fight.

A sage with his hands on the cream stone

A page with no words to attain another one of fates prophecies.


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