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Drama Abstract Comedy

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Nurtured with utmost love, 

Seasoned with relentless sacrifices, 

So was the implacable, plethoric affection, 

Oozing out of her enigmatic self, stimulating a world of surprises. 

Listening to the hymns she sang, 

Immersing in the tranquility of her presence, 

I wish all the serenity she showered kept coming back, 

As if it were a boomerang. 

Not ever lamenting, always overlooking all her pain, 

All she were concerned about was what I had to gain. 

Bruises that I got in some petty fight, 

Tormented her the most, claiming on me her sole right. 

All my laurels were her rewards, 

Prognostications each of them, 

All those voices troubling me, agreeing to concord. 

Not even in the worst of my nightmares, 

Had I thought it would happen;

But now when I come face to face with this clamoring truth, 

I cry out of sheer misery, the killer of my faith, the brutal assassin. 

Thinking all the time that everything was falling into place, 

Not having the slightest idea of the inner cracks, 

Plaguing the beauty of the vase. 

Soliciting in front of Him, day and night, 

To consider my pleas, putting and end to our plight. 

Take all my happiness, give me no matter how many scars, 

Ready I am to live in hell, rot, and succumb;

It's just that I plead You not to leave me here, crying, dying, and numb..

#mother #love #motherlylove #catastrophe #shattered #prayer #numb

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