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You'Ve Got Mail!
You'Ve Got Mail!

© Manasee Karandikar


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You've Got Mail!

By Manasee Karandikar


I’ll send a little love

Each time you cry,

When everything fails

No matter how hard you try.


And when your tears run dry

I’ll send a little hope

To help you cope.

And if you still continue to mope

I’ll send a little a little laughter

To see that precious smile of yours that I’m after.


I’ll send a little patience and endurance

To help you again take a chance.

When you start to pick up the pieces

And try to rearrange what’s left.

I’ll send a little courage

If that is what you think is required.

And when you get tired

I’ll send a big hug

So that on the difficult path you can continue to chug.


I’ll send a little effort

To help you try

To get out of the unending mazes of ‘how’ and ‘why’.

I’ll send a little belief

Each time you are in grief

To help you keep moving forward

When someone leaves you without even a last word.


I’ll send you some happy stories.

And remind you of your happy memories,

Each time you are bereft of reason

To overcome the wide chasm

Separating you and me.


I’ll send a sweet dream

Each time you wake up from a nightmare with a scream.

And when you feel you have run out of steam,

I’ll send you a little nudge

So that from your steady state you’ll budge.


And if you are in doubt

About how I send you all this

When I don’t even know you and you don’t know me.

Well dear, it’s not something you should be worried about

Just relax and be at peace.

'Cause we are connected by the magic of mental telepathy.


And someday, somewhere, at some point of time,

To meet each other we are destined.

And then we’ll collect all the

Love, hope, laughter, courage, and happy memories

And together we will write our own 'happily ever after' story.

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