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The Good Samaritan
The Good Samaritan

© Kumaara Sukeja


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There he is: the unshakable pillar
The Silent Warrior.
of fair practices---branded, as they are,
The oppressed meekly submissive
domineering in conduct.
The jeering voices of oppressive classes
could be grating for the bemused liberal
but, for the brave samaritan determined
in his resolve
to lend his friendly shoulder to the needy,
is a clarion call to carry on
braving the mockery and the derision.
His indefatigable spirit
lights up many a smile
in the dark alleys where
the deprived shelter themselves, and,
are enthralled by his sincerity.
Before long, his endearing touch
creates a cascading effect of
letting a thousand flowers
bloom from the musty crevices
of the darkened walls
complexioned---by a natural compulsion---
out of fear-psychosis of sanctions,and
in deference to their subjugated status,
allow the discreet dusk of the night
to cleanse the grime and sweat
arising from their daily toil.
The blossoming lilies and roses
collectively, through their numbers, invoke
the God Zephyr to introduce a fresh wind
to help them sway to a new song
being aired by the chirpy voices
of the emaciated but ebullient
children prancing as ever
in the gutters of the forbidden ramparts of the city.
Along with the strains of a fervent prayer,
wafts a gusty fragrance through
the hitherto stifling squalor---
unnerving the under-ground
rodents---symbolic sentinels
of the exploiting classes---unfamiliar
with the effervescent cries of hope heard,
and which, zestfully,
spreads a wave of cheer
through the weary bosoms
waiting for deliverance since decades.
His compassionate acts are not lost
on the Chroniclers above
shifting through the narrative
of the human race's daily troll---
It is,indeed, a rare event--
The kind that happens
Once in a century if not a millennium---
of a good samaritan's saga
touching the chords of the hearts
of the stoic and the cynics alike,here
and in the higher spheres above...
And, from among the Celebrated Heroes---
Worshiped by History--
and,resting in their heavenly abodes,
There could be a Smiling Gandhi,
nodding in approval, the Herculean efforts of a dedicated individual---
a defiant David, in many hues, cast in his own image !

Defiant David

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