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Clear skies no more
Invading are the monstrous clouds
Roaring out loud
The wind which was just a breeze
Now rustles and hustles
Vindictive it sounds
Creating treacherous fear

I remember the candle being blown out
The cries from the graveyard
All alone I should have feared
But I quit fearing this time
I feel my heart pounding
With every clash in the sky
A long gone emotion now comes back to life
That loss that turned me to a stone
Now it seems to be melting…
Melting along with my tears;
No, I’m not guilty, I’m not sad
But this storm raises a hope
A hope to live once again
Because my life that had been like this
Now proves to open up to clear skies

This night will soon pass away
A new morning will arrive
I know that something‘s waiting
And now I’m much more willing
To confront to this world
That once considered me fake
Stubborn, arrogant, envious
An imposter so easy to make
It turned off all my dreams
It changed me like hell
But now when this storm ends
I know I’ll pass through all tests

In a new world in some new place
I’ll live a life so true
There’ll be no regrets tomorrow
For today, I feel redeemed
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
I feel that way right now
Just clearing up this head for awhile
I’ll take a long nap somehow
And wake up someday, in a different world
The world to which I’ll not be fake
I’ll live a life then saying
Just fine… without regrets!!!

Vamprem Time Fantasy No Regrets

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